Ann Rein's Homepage

This is where I hope to share a few things that interest me and my husband.

We're into Bees:

My hubby with our new hives

We have some pictures from our new install, check this page

The best bee forum on the web is undoubtedly the Beesource forum.  We've learned so much from them!

I  am also a Palm OS devotee.  My favorite unit by far has been my Garmin iQue, and this forum is the best place to learn about the iQue, PDA's and GPS info.

I am also a gardener, I'll be putting up my garden pictures as I find the time - it's in short supply!!

Someday I'd like to have my own weather station out in the garden, so I can put it online with The Weather Underground.  Until then, this sticker will have to suffice:

Click for Hanson, Massachusetts Forecast

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